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38% of all people suffer from fear of flying

Almost 24 million inhabitants of  Great-Britain and more than 26 million people in France have to cope with fear of flying!

For you and your family, travelling is limited to destinations that you can reach by car or train.


Or you do fly... but each time you're suffering, terrified and lost in panic.

Often well in advance. Days or even weeks before your flight.

Maybe your fear of flying is even a limiting factor on your international career? 

You can overcome fear of flying !

Depending on your degree of fear of flying, FreeSky offers you a tailor made package coaching.

Hundreds of candidates already successfully took a course and coaching with us.

More than 90% of our candidates is liberated forgood of their fear of flying.

How do we know that? Well, FreeSky checks your flight experiences for thre years!

After 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months we contact you to check on your evolution in conquering your fear of flying.

FreeSky offers you a variety of courses:

1/ Our Compact course (6 hrs) is the most successful, low threshold formula. It offers a broad basic knowledge to overcome your fear of flying.

For 8 out of 10 candidates this one day course is sufficient to go on by themselves.

2/ In our individual coaching programs, you get tailor made training, based on your personal needs and fears. Sometimes this is not only about  fear of flying.

3/ For children / youngsters between 6 and 12 years old, we have an adapted coaching.

4/ Exclusive: FreeSky is the only European organisation that offers an adapted

program for people with a mental limitation in our Coaching 4 Specials.

FreeSky is also the exclusive provider of fear of flying courses for blind and visually

impaired people.

The 3 backbones of our coachings

- Gain a lot of knowledge about airplanes and aviation but also about the origin of fear (of

   flying). What is fear of flying anyway? What is happening between our ears?

   And turbulence... is it really dangerous or not at all?

- Techniques to prevent and/or control your fear(s).

   On top of that, we learn the right scattering and relaxation techniques.


- Very gradually, at your pace, we help you to familiarize with airplanes and aviation.

   The psychological method of 'gradual exposure' is a basic key approach in all of our


On your request, we can even step on board of an airplane together. In search of some

really groundbreaking fluing experiences!